As of November 3rd, Faze Jarvis has been permanently banned from playing Fortnite. The ban cited his flagrant use of an aimbot in the Solos Battle Royale mode.

Jarvis has been making YouTube videos about Fortnite for over a year that have garnered a following of nearly two million subscribers. He has not been subtle about hiding his cheat software. Montage video of him using the aimbot to destroy his competition was removed from his YouTube page, but not before it had been captured and preserved by the Fortnite staff. Check it out here. 

Jarvis released an apology video on his YouTube channel where he is seen nearly in tears. “It didn’t even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life on Fortnite for those videos,” said Jarvis. “I should have paid more attention to the community rules and the TOS (terms of service) of Fortnite.” Here is his apology video.

Epic, publisher of Fortnight, has a zero tolerance policy for cheating, and it is very unlikely they will repeal Jarvis’ ban.


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