In light of Disney’s recent trend of reproducing films from their golden era into modern live action movies, Disney has hit a fork in the road when it comes to classifying their next big release, and one of their most popular titles of all time, The Lion King.

Almost all of the movies from the Golden Era were animated cartoons so to speak, and while other remakes such as Mulan and Aladdin are truly “live-action” movies with real humans on screen, the Lion King is something different. While the voices of the characters feature some of the most popular actors and actresses in the industry, the characters themselves are animated, computer generated, almost, real, but definitely not actually real, because they’re well, talking animals.

Disney still isn’t sure how to market or categorize The Lion King for awards for example, as the movie is expected to be in the conversation for many awards come years end. While the music and soundtrack will stand well on their own, what Disney has to decide still (movie is released July 19th) is how it will advertise the film in terms of classification. It is almost certainly an animation, CGI like, or even in the category of VR. Think some scenes from Game of Thrones with the dragons.

The question remains, will The Lion King be in the same category as the likes of Toy Story, or more along the lines of the Jungle Book which had both live action actors and VR effects. How do you think Disney will promote the upcoming hit, and are you anxiously awaiting to see it?

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