Trump Sues Nevada Over Ballots

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President Trump often expresses his belief that there is widespread voter fraud, though there is little evidence of it. Now his focus is on mail-in ballots. He claims they could lead to massive fraud. In that context, he reacted negatively to news that Nevada is planning to send absentee ballots to all active voters.

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit to stop it.

As a prelude to the suit, last weekend the Nevada State Legislature passed a sweeping election bill. On Monday, it was signed Gov. Steve Sisolak who tweeted, “I signed AB 4, which ensures protections for Nevadans to vote safely at the November election during the pandemic. During this global pandemic, I made a commitment that we’d do all we can to allow Nevadans to safely cast a ballot in the upcoming November election.”

The Trump campaign lawsuit counters the legislation claiming the new law complicates the voting process. “The RNC also has an interest in preventing AB4’s constitutionally problematic changes to Nevada election law. Major or hasty changes confuse voters, undermine confidence in the electoral process, and create incentive to remain away from the polls. Thus, AB4 forces the RNC to divert resources and spend significant amounts of money educating Nevada voters on those changes and encouraging them to still vote,” reads the lawsuit.

Not long ago, President Trump suggested postponing the election because of concerns about the virus spreading. That, and the lawsuit, are consistent with a larger strategy of voter suppression. A strategy that included extreme gerrymandering and stripping voters from the rolls. For critics, the lawsuit shows President Trump is concerned he will not win if too many Americans vote.


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