1. Paris

Paris is the undeniable King of romantic locations. Visitors are given a plethora of options upon arrival to feed their sultry sides. Of course at the top of everyone’s list is the Eiffel Tower where lovers can come and see panoramic views of the city by night or day. Good luck trying to hold back your affections as the lights dance in the distance in the city of love.

2. New York

The possibilities for romance are endless in the city that never sleeps, but for this particular subject, we’re going to focus on something to do while the sun is still shining, Central Park. Central Park is a green paradise nuzzled betwixt metal giants. Its scenery that included landscapes, statues, fountains, and bridges becomes a can’t miss opportunity for a romantic summer picnic. Theres nothing quite like being surrounded by the creations of mother nature and man all at once.

3. London

Jolly ole’ London, where the accents alone can cause the the most independent lovers to swoon. If you and your partner are looking to have a laugh you are more than welcome to tease the guards at Buckingham palace, but if you’re looking for something a bit more majestic you must go on the worlds largest ferris wheel located across the bridge from Big Ben. This landmark provides outstanding and incomparable views of the city. Hopefully it stops at the top for you ; ).

4. Hong Kong

When it comes to Asia, and China in particular, few cities can compete with Hong Kong. The “New York of the East” does not disappoint as the lights, food, and people provide constant entertainment for any couple who seeks it. Go enjoy traditional Chinese shows and culinary specialities or take a ride on the harbor to tour the city from the outside in. Go at night if you really want a treat!

5. Tuscany

There are not many things as synonymous with love than food and wine and since that is the reality, Tuscany is a more than deserved addition to our list of romantic places. Go and explore vineyards and taste test wines made in the very location from which you sip. Then set up a table outside with a plate of Italian pastas, breads, and gravies. Your heart and stomach can both be full in Tuscany!

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