Top 5 Basics to Prevent Getting Sick

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If you can’t afford to get sick or if you just don’t like the idea of sickness, there are ways to make sure you stay as healthy as possible. Of course, since we’re talking about microorganisms here, there’s no guarantee. However, by doing the following 5 things, you can decrease your risk of catching the flu or cold. Not only will your boss thank you, but it’ll also make the winter months a bit less miserable.

Wash Your Hands

Flu and cold viruses can only make you sick if they enter your respiratory system and infect the cells there. Don’t give them an advantage by directly transferring them from your hands to your nose, eyes, and mouth! If you’ve been out riding the subway or taking taxis, make sure to wash your hands before you touch your face or eat. It’s bad enough that people are coughing and sneezing in public without covering their mouths!

Get the Flu Shot

The flu shot protects against the most dangerous strains of the flu. So yes, you can still get a milder strain, but you won’t be laid up in bed for weeks or need to make a trip to the emergency room because your lungs are filling up with liquid. Many pharmacies give out free or low-cost flu shots before the season starts, so get yours as soon as possible!


Moving around helps circulate lymph fluid. Unlike blood, there is no organ to pump lymph fluid around your body. This increased circulation means that your immune system cells are able to pick up on foreign invaders sooner. It also helps circulate immune cells around your body as well! Even if you have a cold or the flu, doing some light exercise (emphasis on “light”) can help with congestion and mucus build-up in your lungs and airways.


In Role Playing Games (also known as RPGs), sleep is what usually restores a player to full health. While it’s not quite like that in real life, sleep is still one of the best ways to protect yourself from illness. Sleeping allows your body to create more antibodies, store energy, and repair any damage. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body sees that as a sign of stress, which can lower your immunity.

Eat Right

Real food – like fruits, vegetables, uncured/unprocessed meats, and tubers – are full of nutrients that your body needs. Your body has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years to digest and absorb nutrients in these real forms. Despite what the internet forums say, protein shakes are not the same as eating your fruits and veggies. So, stay healthy by taking advantage of eating the way you have evolved to eat!

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