Top 5 Bar Foods and What to Drink with Them

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Bar food is a lifesaver. It keeps you from getting too drunk by soaking up some of the alcohol you drink. It’s cheap, so you can stay out longer. And it’s a great way to bond with other people while you’re socializing or watching a football game. Keep reading for the top 5 bar foods of all time and the best drinks to pair with them.

Chicken Wings

Without a doubt, spicy chicken wings are a bar staple. The smell of the hot sauce and the red stains on napkins are all part of the ambiance. And no matter how spicy you like your wings, they go down perfectly with an ice-cold pint of American adjunct lager. (That’s a fancy way of saying light beer). Any of the top brands will work, but we prefer Bud Light since it’s one of the official beers of the NFL

Mozzarella Sticks

There’s nothing like the crunchy shell of mozzarella sticks and the hot, gooey, melted cheese on the inside. Eat this snack with or without marinara sauce, but make sure to pair it with a nice, hoppy IPA. The bitterness of the beer will cut through the grease and offset the saltiness of the sauce and cheese. Go for a double, triple, or quadruple IPA depending on how hoppy you like your beverage.


You want to order a burger, but you’re just not that hungry after a few beers. Sliders are the perfect compromise. These bite-size hamburgers contain all the protein and carbohydrates you crave, but in perfectly small portions. Pair them with an amber ale. This beer is just strong enough to hold its own, but not too strong that it overpowers the flavor of the slider.

Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño poppers have the added bonus of resembling vegetables, even though they’re hardly the healthiest thing to eat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this ideal bar snack! Grab a nice porter or stout beer to go with these fried peppers for a smooth and milky complement to the spicy flavors.


Nachos are perfect for cheering on your team and mindlessly shoving food in your mouth. Whether you love them loaded, or just with cheese, nachos go perfectly with a margarita or a few shots of tequila. If hard liquor isn’t for you, then at least grab a Corona or Modelo beer to help wash down your nachos.


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