Top 4th of July Barbecue Foods

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No celebration is complete without food. Even cultures that practice fasting eat a nice meal to celebrate the end of the fast. And the Fourth of July is no exception—-it’s practically a rule that you have to grill something. So here are the top 5 barbecue foods you should consider for Independence Day.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

If you’re expecting lots of guests, you probably want an easy flip/grill/done kind of meal. Hamburgers and hot dogs are perfect for this. They cook fast and it’s almost impossible to mess them up. And in today’s supermarkets, you’re not just stuck with beef burgers and regular hot dogs. Spice up your barbecue with bison burgers, venison burgers, turkey burgers, spicy sausages and beef dogs. Or consider a plant-based substitute, like the Beyond Burger or Beyond Sausage. You may have trouble tasting the difference.

Grilled Chicken

If ground-up meat freaks you out, then chicken meat is another good option. Marinate some drumsticks, wings, thighs, or breasts the night before, and plop them on the grill. Since you have to cook chicken thoroughly, you won’t be overwhelmed trying to get the perfect medium rare cut. Just keep it on the heat until it’s white in the center. Grilling chicken is also a way for you to test different barbecue and hot sauces!


Steak may be the most labor-intensive meat to grill, but it is worth it! Marinate the meat the night before to make sure that it’s tender and juicy. For a fancy alternative to barbecue sauce, rub fresh dark cherries on the outside along with salt, pepper, and herbs.

Skewered Meat/Kebab

Not looking to consume a lot of meat? Then putting one inch square chunks on a skewer along with vegetables like onions and peppers is a great way to indulge without overeating. If you’re vegetarian and the garden burgers or tofu steaks just aren’t for you, load your stick up with the fresh veg. This is a great option for kids too! They’ll have fun loading up their own stick, sort of like savory s’mores.

Pineapple and Watermelon

After all that meat, try a healthy dessert of grilled pineapple and watermelon chunks. You can do this skewer style too! People who can’t eat dairy or gluten can also enjoy this dessert, instead of feeling left out when the cupcakes and cookies are served.


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