The 5 Most Popular Desserts in the USA

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To most outsiders, the idea of American dessert evokes images of decadent, sugary creations. They’re not far off. We love our desserts in America. In fact, our devotion to sweets is so deep, we’ll go out of our way to turn root vegetables into a treat. Keep reading for the five most beloved American desserts.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We eat it as a snack, it’s a staple for any picnic or event, and we even leave it out for Santa Claus. You guessed it: the number one dessert in America is the chocolate chip cookie. This simple treat is easy to make, hence its countless variations. Some add nuts, some use white chocolate, and some even mold it into an edible mug. Chocolate chip cookies also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. But undoubtedly the most nostalgic kind are homemade and still warm from the oven.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is the solution to all those leftover apples from your trip to the orchard. If you’re not much of a baker or just don’t want the mess in your kitchen, pick up a pie at the local grocery store. Like the chocolate chip cookies, apple pies are best served warm. Elevate it even further with a scoop of ice cream (a la mode). 


Cheese is a savory delicacy in France. In America, we turn it into dessert. For the best cheesecake, head to New York City. Every Big Apple foodie has their own favorite cheesecake seller, but some Manhattan institutions include Junior’s and Eileen’s. Since you’ll be doing all that walking, you might as well enjoy a creamy slice. Bring a friend to help you scoop up every last crumb!

Pecan Pie

Healthy, high fiber nuts? We can turn that into a dessert! Pecan pie is the signature pie of the south. You can find them at grocery stores, gas stations, or perhaps in your auntie’s own kitchen. After all, most pecan pie experts prefer recipes that have been passed down over generations. The baking instructions include things like “add a pinch of this” or “a dash of that” If you love recipes like this, then baking a pecan pie is more of an art than it is a skill!

Carrot Cake

Take a carrot, shred it, turn it into a cake, and add thick, sweet icing on the top. Don’t forget to add a piece of sugar-decoration in the shape and color of a carrot! For those of you looking for a “healthy” dessert, carrot cake is a great illusion. It gives you eye-healthy beta-carotene, and there’s probably more fiber in a slice of carrot cake than there is in a chocolate chip cookie, right? Enjoy this dessert with a cup of hot tea or coffee to help cut through all the icing!


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