Taylor Swift Goes Political in her VMA Speech

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Taylor Swift certainly does not take a literal interpretation of her single, “You Need to Calm Down.” The singer went full out political during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards for her “Pride Hymn” video.  She railed against the current lack of recognition for the LGBTQ Equality Act petition by President Trump’s administration.

A petition was posted for signing at the end of the video that now has half a million signatures, which is “five times what it takes to answer the White House,” Swift said. Then, she pointedly looked at her wrist as if to show that she was counting the time.  She closed by saying, “Several points have been highlighted in this video. If you vote for this video, it means you want a world where we all get equal treatment under the law.”

Swift was not always involved in politics. She was virtually silent on the presidential elections of 2016, but to paraphrase Bob Dylan, she was “younger then than now.”  Her new political activism begins as the nation prepares for the 2020 election.

Swift was not the only artist to become political at this year’s VMAs. Rapper French Montana and “GLOW” star Alison Brie spoke in favor of immigration when they presented the prize for the Best Latin American Music video. Montana, a Moroccan-born musician, was proud to present the prize as an immigrant.

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