Possible Causes of Vaping Illnesses


Vaping started off as a less smelly form of cigarettes. It has now turned into a marketing and pulmonary disease scandal. Over a thousand people have fallen ill due to vaping and over 30 of them have died. So just what is causing this vaping illness? Here are some possible culprits: Vaping Itself Since this […]

Netflix Entering The Podcast Space

With the growing popularity of podcasting in the modern connected world, Netflix has found a clever way to integrate one into a series. It’s called “The Only Podcast Left” and it will serve as a fictional companion to the show “Daybreak,” an apocalyptic zombie series. “The Only Podcast Left” takes place in the environment of […]

McDonald’s CEO Fired for Relationship with Employee

McDonald’s confirmed today that CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired for a consensual relationship with an employee. McDonald’s is replacing him with McDonald’s USA President, Chris Kempczinski. Easterbrook has been CEO since 2015. Before then he was chief Brand Officer for McDonald’s and formerly head of the UK-Northern Europe division. He will receive 26 weeks of […]

Dwayne Johnson Has a Tough Rivalry with Fast and Furious Co-stars

Celebrities, like the rest of us, don’t always get along. For us common folk, the offenses usually stay between us. Not so with famous people. Lately, a long simmering feud between Dywane Johnson and his former Fast & Furious co-stars resurfaced when Johnson was out promoting his F&F spinoff called Hobbs and Shaw. Tyrese Gibson, […]

We Compared the Streaming Services to Find What’s Best for You

Motion picture entertainment is always shifting. It went from theaters to TV to cable and now to digital streaming.  Each change has given consumers’ new advantages. The latest, streaming services, offer users the ultimate flexibility to watch movies when and where they want. Major entertainment distributors are taking note and adjusting accordingly. HBO Now is […]

Wearing White after Labor Day Trendy

“Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day!” A phrase we have all heard when talking about wardrobe decisions for after the first Tuesday of September. But why? White is a great color in fashion, why can’t it be worn after Labor Day? Fortunately, the old tradition seems to be on […]

Ed Sheeran Buys Neighbors Houses to Stop Noise Complaints

What lengths would you go to, to stop a neighbor from complaining about your lifestyle? If you’re Ed Sheeran and worth over 150 million dollars, perhaps you’d buy your neighbors homes from them? The actual Ed Sheeran, did exactly that. The London native reportedly bought the two houses next to his $20 plus million dollar […]

ASAP Rocky Update – President Trump to the Rescue? or Not.

Rapper A$AP Rocky has been detained in a Swedish jail since being accused of assault during a tussle he had in June with a Stockholm native. Surprisingly enough, President Trump has been attempting to come to the aid of the rapper, after discussions with his old pal Kanye West. Trump spoke with Swedish Prime Minister […]

PlayStation 5 Is Coming … And Hopefully Like It is

PlayStation 5 is in the works…that we know. What we don’t know is when it will be released, how much it will cost, or if the name will even be PlayStation 5. It is a pretty safe assumption PS5 will be the name of Sony’s newest console as has been consistent with all their console […]