Teens Increasingly Use Unsafe Instagram Business Accounts

Teen users of Instagram are increasingly switching to business accounts to get better metrics about their posts. These accounts show how many times posts have been viewed, at what times their posts are being viewed, who likes their posts and how many likes and views they’re getting.  Sounds great, but according to Facebook, which owns […]

Stranger Things Recap – The Best Season Yet? (Warning: Spoilers)

First things first.  In writing this article I tried to keep the important spoilers to a minimum, but if you don’t even want the slightest idea of what happened in Season 3 of Stranger Things, PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Thank you! As if the world of the Upside Down and the evil scientists […]

Top 10 Movies for Teens on Netflix

            Teen life is difficult and stressful. Many new responsibilities come as a part of this awkward transition from childhood to adulthood. Social relations are often competitive; girls and guys often face similar yet different cultural stresses and challenges. Experiencing one’s first romantic feelings while struggling with bullying or academic challenges is hard.; a lot […]