New York Jets franchise quarterback Sam Darnold was supposed to have a breakout season this year under offensive guru Adam Gase. That idea is now on hold for a few weeks. The Jets announced Darnold will miss Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns because of mononucleosis and he’s likely to miss more games this month as he recovers.

Mono is a tricky thing for athletes because it severely dehydrates the body and significantly lowers energy levels. Darnold will get the best possible treatment, so it’s possible he’ll be able to return faster than us common folk would.  Trever Siemian, formerly of the Broncos, will step as quarterback in the interim.

Hiding under the bad Darnold news was Le’Veon Bell going for an MRI on his shoulder and the health uncertainty of pro-bowl middle linebacker CJ Mosley. If both cannot play Monday night, in addition to Darnold, the Jets will be in for a rough evening against a desperate Browns team that was blown out in their opener. But wait, it gets worse. The Jets next five games are at New England, at Philly, home verses Dallas, then home verses New England. The Jets could easily be 0-7 in the blink of an eye and Adam Gase could be fighting with reporters come mid-October. Might be time to cancel the football season in New York as the Giants don’t look to be in much better shape. At least the New York Yankees are going to make the playoffs this year.

There is no denying the best basketball talent in the world is American born. LeBron James, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kahwi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and the list goes on. The problem for Team USA in this year’s FIBA World Cup was that none of the aforementioned suited up in red, white and blue. Despite an all-star coaching staff, Team USA rolled out a C-level team in China. Coming into the tournament with a 58-game unbeaten streak, Team USA breezed through group play with a 5-0 record. They were led by the likes of Donovan Mitchell, Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Harrison Barnes, Jayson Tatum, among other second and third tier NBA “stars.” Is that a roster good enough to win an international competition? Maybe.  But if the big dogs were on the court, it never would have been in doubt. USA encountered France in the quarter finals and were beaten 89-78. On paper, the talent levels match up, but the chemistry these other big basketball countries (France, Spain, Serbia, Australia, Canada) have with their teams is much better than that of the US team. In the game against France, it showed. The loss would have been more shocking if team USA had their big ballers, but they didn’t.  Losing to Serbia a day later in the consolation bracket was also not very shocking given that players, at that point, were ready to go home. Can we fault this version of Team USA for not bringing home a title? Not really. Hopefully, it inspired the best of the best to put on the jersey and represent the best basketball nation in the world on the international stage next time.
For the second straight year in Flushing Meadows, Serena Williams found herself in a U.S. Open Final against a rising young teenage star. Last year, Serena fell to 17 year old Naomi Osaka of Japan in straight sets, only to do the same Saturday afternoon to Canadian Bianca Andreescu who is just 19 years old. Ever since giving birth to her daughter in September of 2017, Serena has been unable to win a grand slam. She lost in the finals at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in consecutive attempts. It’s as frustrating as it gets because this Open was her best chance to win one and tie with Margaret Court (24) for the most women’s grand slam titles. Serena sits at 23 and she’s 36 years old. Time is not on her side. Andreescu, on the other hand, makes history, becoming the first Canadian man or woman to win the U.S. Open, a year after Osaka was the first Japanese born to accomplish the feat. Andreescu’s power was like nothing Serena had seen all tournament. She managed to close out Serena in straight sets even as Williams came back from being 5-1 down to tie it at 5-5 in the second set. Andreescu is now 11-0 against top 10 players in her career. For Williams, maybe the best female tennis player of all time, losing to two teenagers in consecutive U.S. Open finals is something of a shock. Her experience should have propelled her, but it was her age that actually worked against her. Though the power side of her game remains strong, Williams’ is getting slower and older while the game is getting fitter and younger. Her window is nearly shut on breaking Court’s record. Her next chance is the 2020 Australian Open – she’ll be one year older

Lot’s of tennis drama has unfolded at the US Open. This year it’s Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal’s defense of Novak Djokovic, who was booed by the crowd in his final match. Though Nadal and Djokovic have been tennis rivals, it was Nadal who came to Djokovic’s defense saying he’s “a super athlete” who doesn’t deserve to be booed.  Djokovic’s career is ending because of a shoulder injury he sustained while playing Stan Wawrinka at the US Open.

Nadal used the tremendous respect he has earned from US Open fans over the years to express his gentlemanly respect for a rival.

Novak Djokovic does not have the best of relationships with crowds. In the past he has sworn at a crowd and threatened to go after a spectator during a practice session. Although, Djokovic later claimed he was only going to hunt him down to buy him a drink. Djokovic is only the latest feisty tennis star. Russian tennis star, Daniil Medvedev is another current player with a dicey reputation and then there is beloved, but temperamental John McEnroe.  All of this brings to mind a single question, is tennis actually a bad boy sport?  Probably not.  Of all the players who have risen to tennis fame, only few have behavior as part of their story.

As August rolls into September, preseason football rolls into the regular season. Throughout the month of August, the hype train of fantasy football is at an all time high, with proclaimed experts giving their opinions on who is this year’s best or worst and who’s a sleeper pick. At the end of the day, fantasy football is chaotic and something we ultimately have no control over. Who would have known for example, that last year Pat Mahomes, who was drafted on average between the 5th and 8th rounds, would have one of the greatest fantasy seasons of all time.  In light of Mahomes historic season, we took a look at the best, offensive fantasy seasons since 2000 by players at their respective positions.

Using the standard format of scoring and standard roster size, here’s the breakdown.

Quarterback – Peyton Manning 2013 Season

Could we have put Mahomes season here from last year, absolutely. Tom Brady in 2007 was also an obvious choice for top QB spot, but it is hard to argue with Peyton Manning’s record setting season in 2013. Peyton threw 55 Passing touchdowns and over 5,400 yards, with just 10 interceptions. He even added a rushing TD that year in very un-Peyton like fashion. It was good for over 420 fantasy points.

Running Back 1 – LaDainian Tomlinson 2006 Season

The best fantasy season hands down for any player pound-for-pound at any position.  LT set both NFL and fantasy football records with over 1,800 rushing yards, over 500 receiving yards, 50+ receptions, an NFL record 28 rushing TD’s and 3 receiving TD’s. The greatest, all time, single season for a running back and it was good for 480 fantasy points.

Running Back 2 – Marshall Faulk 2000 Season

The greatest show on turf, Marshall Faulk, was a dual threat running back who was ahead of his time. His receiving stats were better than over half the league’s wide receivers in 2000! Totaling nearly 1,400 yards rushing, over 800 yards receiving, a whopping 81 receptions and 26 total touchdowns (18 rushing 8 receiving), Faulk’s season racked up 460 fantasy points for owners.

Wide Receiver 1 – Randy Moss 2007 Season

Randy Moss set the NFL record for most TD’s in a single season in 2007 with the help from Quarterback Tom Brady. The number was 23 and it’s a record that will likely stand for a long, long time. He also racked up 1,500 yards in the air with 98 receptions. He accomplished this while often sitting out the end of blowout wins as the Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season. What’s even crazier is he was a mid-round pick for that season, having come off question mark season with the Raiders.

Wide Receiver 2 – Antonio Brown 2015 Season

He may be a head case, but there is no denying Antonio Brown is one of the great wideouts the game has ever seen. 2015 was his best season – he racked up a lofty 136 receptions for over 1,800 yards and 10 receiving touchdowns. This was good for 386 fantasy points, earning him a spot on the all time squad.

Tight End – Rob Gronkowski 2011 Season

Gronk smash! Arguably the greatest tight end of all time and certainly one of the most fun football personalities, Gronk’s 2011 season was the only year in which he started all 16 games. A healthy Gronk is unstoppable and uncontainable and he showcased it through that entire campaign. He wasn’t a top pick, like he became after 2011, so you got great value if you drafted Gronk in 2011. He put up 90 catches, over 1,300 yards and led the entire league in receiving touchdowns with 17. If you had Gronk in 2011, you likely Gronk-smashed your league.

FLEX – Priest Holmes (RB) 2003 Season

A shame his career was cut short due to injuries because Priest Holmes was, before dealing with neck problems, en route to breaking NFL all time records. In 2003 he bested his 2002 season which was thought to be an all time season. He set the record for rushing touchdowns in 2003 (27) only to see it broken by LT in 2006. He also added 74 catches for 690 yards while tallying over 1,400 yards on the ground. The Priest was a beast!

Kicker – David Akers 2011 Season

Kickers are getting booted out of fantasy leagues left and right, but for us, it is still a big part of fantasy football. Who doesn’t love it when a kicker makes or breaks your week (kidding, sort of). At any rate, Eagles Kicker David Akers had the best fantasy season for any kicker in 2011 when he set an NFL record for attempts (52) and makes (44). He also drilled in 7 from over 50 yards which are of course worth more. To all the fantasy owners, good luck in the 2019 season!

Ohio University basketball fans remember their star player DJ Cooper.  He never made it to the NBA, but he has found a place in the European leagues.  That is, until now.  Mr. Cooper just got a nasty two-year suspension for failing a drug test.  The test revealed that he was pregnant!  It was not performance enhancing drugs or recreational drugs that brought him down, it was substituting his girl friend’s specimen in an apparent attempt to avoid something else that got him.  It’s a first.  His FIBA suspension was actually for fraud, but it’s the same thing, right?  Cooper’s friend didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, so in spite of being out of work, the good news for DJ is; you’re goin’ be a daddy.  Congrats. 

LeBron James tormented Drake’s Raptors during his tenure in the eastern conference, but now he and Drake are joining forces. The two icons announced that LeBron’s digital media company Uninterrupted will be coming to Canada in its first international expansion. The brand will be called Uninterrupted Canada (UIC). Fitting. 

Uninterrupted was launched back in 2015 by LeBron and his business partner Maverick Carter. It was designed to create a platform for U.S. athletes to better connect with fans, free of mainstream interference. It features videos from the athlete’s perspective, original series, podcasts, and documentaries. 

Now, with Drake onboard, the company’s expansion into Canada will be the first step into becoming a more global entity. It’s been reported that the first official content out of UIC will be from Raptors’ forward Serge Ibaka. We can expect much more out of Canada from the Raptors, Blue Jays, and all the hockey teams that dominate the sports market north of the border. 

Drake commented, “Uninterrupted has been an incredible platform for athletes to tell their stories and connect with fans. I’m honored to partner with LeBron to bring Uninterrupted to Canada, a country that continuously supports innovation and creativity.”

More global expansion is in the works.  It is said there are plans for a European venture channeling in on the soccer world and Asian venture that will focus on cricket in India.

Coco Gauff is 15 years old. She has homework, studies, and takes tests in school like the rest of the students in her class, but she is not like the other students in her class. Far from it. She has arrived on the international tennis scene as an up and coming superstar, and at just 15 years old, as made her mark at one of the most prestigious events in tennis, Wimbledon. 

Coco Gauff became a household name after she took down a tennis legend in Venus Williams less than a week ago, who was one of her idols. A dream come true for an ascending 15 year old prodigy, but she was not done there. She would go on to defeat Magdalena Rybarikova, and Polona Hercog before matching up with former world #1 Simona Halep. It was a frustrating match for Gauff who lost in straight sets 6-3 / 6-3 to Halep, committing many unforced errors along the way. While the historic run came to an end for the teenager, her legacy has only just begun. 

“She’s a complete star. I personally was nothing like her at 15. First of all, I didn’t play like that. I didn’t look like that. She’s just so poised. She’s an absolute star”. That was said about Gauff by a woman whose posters mark the walls of Coco’s room, Serena Williams. 

When hearing what Serena said about her, Guaff blushed, and said “That’s really surprising and shocking when your idol even knows you exist, that’s pretty crazy.”

What’s even more crazy is that tennis has its next up and coming star, and she can’t even drive a car yet. If you haven’t heard of Coco Guaff yet, you will soon enough.

With the U.S. Women’s National Team celebrating a World Cup Championship in Paris just hours prior, the U.S. Men’s National Team had a final of their own Sunday night. The writing was on the wall for a triumphant weekend for US Soccer as millions of Americans observed Independence Day holiday, but Mexico had something to say about it. Soldier Field in Chicago was the setting for the 2019 Gold Cup Final where Mexico defeated the United States thanks to a late winner from Jonathan dos Santos.

The game was played to a 0-0 stalemate in the first half, with all statistical categories being essentially even as well. The scoreless halftime draw wasn’t for lack of chances however. The USA got off to a fast start with Pulisic getting in behind in the 5th minute and denied by Ochoa. Then in the 7th minute Jozy Altidore had a clear 1v1 with Ochoa and rolled it wide of the post. Arriola would also have a great chance in the 30th minute but that too rolled wide, and the U.S. had little to show for their great first half efforts.

Morris had a header cleared off the line in the 50th minute of the second half from a Pulisic corner kick as the U.S. looked to be snake bit. Fast forward to the 72nd minute and Mexico’s standouts Jiminez and dos Santos combined for a beautiful sequence at the top of the USA box, which resulted in a top class finish dos Santos on his left foot into the upper corner of the net. That would be all from the scoring as some late pressure from the USA amounted to nothing.

It was a well played game from both teams, and both teams had their moments to seize control. In the end it was Mexico who grabbed their record setting 8th Gold Cup title in Chicago Sunday night. Christian Pulisic was named young player of the tournament, a formality at the least. The final closed the summer international window for the two teams as players will head back to their respective clubs for MLS & MX league action, or preseason across Europe. The future looks brighter for team USA, who are loaded with some young talent, they now need to learn how to win big games together to take that next jump.

What did you think of the Gold Cup Final? Let us know in the comment section below.