old town road

Rapper Jermaine Dupri of So So Def has beef with Lil Nas X, we’re just not exactly sure why. We know that recently Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” broke the record of 16 weeks straight on top of the Billboard chart that was held Mariah Carey’s “One Sweet Day.” The Lil Nas X song now has owned the top slot for 18 straight weeks. On Wednesday, Dupri took to Twitter with a blast, “No!! You can’t sit with us. Go sit over there and based on the stats and this chart @mariahcarey is the greatest songwriter in history.” We’re not sure if Dupri just got done watching Mean Girls, if he was having a bad day or if he just wanted to show some love to Carey who he has collaborated with several times – most notably on “Always Be My Baby” back in ‘95.  Meanwhile, in a show of graciousness, Mariah gave X a ton of props when he broke her record, so why is Dupri so salty?
In a recent interview the instant star commented on earlier days by saying “A lot of the stuff I used to do years before would sometimes go too far. I know I have a platform now, so there’s more of a need to make sure nothing is hurtful or too crazy.” With that statement, the 20 year old displays great insight and introspection. His advice would benefit all of us as we use our social media accounts. Use them for positivity and for helping others. X has certainly had to take his fair share of backlash after his sexuality announcement in June, but he’s applying his positive mentality to understand and forgive. Just check out some of his tweets in response to harsh Twitter comments to see the positive, fun-loving approach he has taken.

In the age of collaboration, even presidential candidates want to jump on the wagon.  South Bend’s gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg, saw an opportunity when Lil Nas X came out as gay at the end of Pride Month.  X is gay and he’s got a hit.  Buttigieg wanted in.  It makes even more sense when you see the list of X’s collaborators; Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, BTS and Dolly Parton.  But Lil Nas X wasn’t having any of it. While he is not personally opposed to Pete Buttigieg, he said he doesn’t want to be seen as supporting any particular Presidential candidate, even if he’s a gay comrade.

It was all supposed to happen at an Internet Live event on July 25th.  But after Mayor Pete heard X wasn’t attending the event, he decided to not attend either. “Old Time Road” has been on Rolling Stone’s top 100 chart for 20 weeks.  That’s the kind of accomplishment that attracts attention. 

Lil Nas X is being sued $25 million over Carry On, a song he released before Old Time Road. A company called The Music Force claims to own the copyright of a song titled “Carry On” by Bobby Caldwell. The company also says that Lil Nas X’s song Carry On hijacked parts of this Caldwell song from the 1980s.

Lil Nas is signed with Sony Music. The Music Force is suing Sony Music along with Lil Nas. The Music Force wants $10 million in damages to “remedy the confusion in the marketplace” and $15 million in punitive damages. Sony Music certainly has the financial power to put up a good fight in court.