Snapchat Adds Spotify Song Share Option

Spotify is among the top three applications for streaming and sharing music, having grown significantly in recent years. That makes being associated with it appealing for other applications.  Instagram and Facebook already have options for users to broadcast the song(s) they’re currently jamming to.  Now Snapchat is joining the party. Spotify is happy with the […]

Apple Music to be Available Through the Web

In the new world of media, content companies must make all their offerings available to their audience wherever and however they want it – broadcast, cable, PC or stream, mobile or wired, scheduled or on-demand.  In that regard, our friends at Apple Music will be launching a browser version of its music streaming service. Paid […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj Quits Music!

Female icon Nicki Minaj has decided to quit her music career at least for now. Reason: to focus on starting a family. Minaj, is 36 years old, has been atop the female rap game for a decade, sees the window closing on settling down and having a couple kids. The announcement came in the form […]

Lil Nas X Faces Tough Interview Questions

Thus far, it can be argued that 2019 has been the year of Lil Nas X, if only based on the record setting success of “Old Town Road.” When you add that he voluntarily revealed his sexuality at the top of the arch, the 21 year old has propelled himself to pop culture stardom in […]

Taylor Swift: Nikki Minaj Helped Her Realize White Privilege

It is no secret Taylor Swift is not a fan of Kanye West given their history, which was mostly provoked by the self proclaimed genius, Kanye. It is also no secret Swift hasn’t exactly gotten on well with rapper Nicki Minaj, but she is working to mend things with one of the aforementioned. We’ll give […]

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Cameo at the VMAs

Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers had a big weekend at the MTV VMAs. The event had Jonas Brothers’ footprints all over it. They performed at the event, they won an award for Best Pop Song and were able to celebrate the evening with their significant others. That is, all of them except for Nick. […]

Forbes’ Top 10 Highest Paid Women in Music

More and more women are breaking through into the world of pop and hip-hop stardom, but few of them make it to the Forbes’ top 10 highest paid women in music. Not surprising, Taylor Swift sits at the very top, but the true shock lies in the numbers.  Swift earned an astonishing $100 million more […]

Taylor Swift Goes Political in her VMA Speech

Taylor Swift certainly does not take a literal interpretation of her single, “You Need to Calm Down.” The singer went full out political during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards for her “Pride Hymn” video.  She railed against the current lack of recognition for the LGBTQ Equality Act petition by President Trump’s […]

Country Music Awards (CMAs) Announce Nominations

The 2019 Country Music Awards, the 54th, will be hosted by Carrie Underwood. It’s taking place in Nashville, Tennessee on November 13th. The nominations have just been released, and as expected, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is up for an award, even though Billboard removed it from the country charts awhile back. Check ‘em […]

Every Winner from the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

The following is a list of every winner from the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards: VIDEO OF THE YEAR Taylor Swift – “You Need to Calm Down” ARTIST OF THE YEAR Ariana Grande SONG OF THE YEAR Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Old Town Road (Remix)” BEST NEW ARTIST Billie Eilish BEST […]

Taylor Swift Releases New Album ‘Lover’ – Full Track List

Taylor Swift released her much anticipated album Lover on Friday and the Swift faithful are… loving it. This is her 7th album and she’s naturally very enthusiastic about it saying, “There are so many songs that you haven’t heard yet that I’m so excited for you to hear.” She went on to say that “Cornelia […]

Taylor Swift to Re-Record All Her Old Music

Last month Taylor Swift got stung by a business deal gone bad.  This month she’s made it clear that she will follow Kelly Clarkson’s advice to re-record the music from her first six albums, the ones now owned by her nemesis Scooter Braun.  Once re-recorded she will effectively make the earlier work obsolete, which will […]

Billie Eilish Replaces Lil Nas X at #1 on Billboard’s Chart

Everybody loves a horse race.  That’s why it’s fun when someone like Lil Naz X comes along and scores big against the best in the world, in his case, with a record breaking hit song, “Old Town Road.”  The Taylor Swift’s and the Ed Sheeran’s couldn’t beat him.  He held the number one position on […]

Justin and Hailey Bieber Planning “Small” Second Wedding

Justin Bieber and his supermodel wife Hailey Bieber had a secret wedding ceremony back in September of 2018 to officially get hitched. Now they want to have an actual wedding ceremony, but they plan to keep it small. The couple are looking at fall dates, and the location still has not been decided upon by […]

Katy Perry Sued for Plagiarism by Christian Rapper ‘Flame’

            Pop star singer Katy Perry has been found guilty of copying a song by a Christian rapper called Flame. Perry’s hit song Dark Horse was accused of being an imitation of Flame’s song Joyful Noise. The court ordered that Perry pay over $550,000 and that Capital Records, Perry’s record label, pay a larger sum […]

What Role Will Ariana Grande Play at the VMAs this Year?

The MTV video awards are coming soon and it seems that Ariana Grande might not be attending. Grande and Taylor Swift received the most nominations for this year’s MTV video awards, they both received 10.  Swift will not attend the show itself but will be performing at the event. In contrast, Grande’s tour schedule will […]

Camila Cabello Doesn’t Talk To Her Fifth Harmony Family; Why??

Camila Cabello’s solo career is going pretty well since leaving Fifth Harmony almost 3 years ago. Her hit song “Senorita” with her ‘boyfriend’ Shawn Mendes has been, along with Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” the tune of summer 2019.  And she continues travel with the Mendes tour. A year after Cabello left Fifth Harmony; […]

Amazon Offers $0.99 Music Streaming Plan

Amazon Music doesn’t have nearly as many music streamers as Spotify or Apple Music; however, in an effort to recruit more student users Amazon has announced a benefit for Prime Student Members that gives them access to Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month. Students without Prime Membership can get a six-month free trial. […]

Charlie XCX Shades Taylor Swift Fans; Fans Fire Back!

Charli XCX caught a major career break when Taylor Swift tapped her to open for the Reputation tour last year. The tour was record breaking stateside, bringing in more than $200 million in ticket sales. That’s tens of thousands of people at each show who got to see Charli XCX, compared to her prior audiences […]

Another New BF for Ariana Grande?!

What a life. The reality for pop-star Ariana Grande is that any little public move stirs speculation, headlines, and debate. And it continued this week with a photo in her Instagram post that sent fans into a frenzy. Having recently released a song called “Boyfriend” with artist, Mikey Foster, rumors are swirling that he is […]

Diddy’s “Making the Band” Returning to MTV in 2020

MTV and Diddy are bringing back the hit show “Making the Band” next year. The premise of the show is to form a band from scratch via auditions, build group chemistry and then follow the progress of that group as their careers take off.  In its prior seasons the show provided a platform for groups […]

Quentin Tarantino Releases Four Hour Playlist of Movie Music

Quentin Tarantino is known for crafting high-energy, violent, profane films that verge on the bizarre.  One of his common tricks is to cast actors who have not been seen in a long time as he did with Pam Grier and Robert Forster in Jackie Brown.  He does the same thing with music…he finds the songs […]

Ariana Grande Thrilled to Work with Jim Carrey

Ariana Grande is about to work with Jim Carrey and she’s thrilled about it. The two will be working together on the second season of Kidding, a major Showtime drama series where Grande will be playing a guest role. She announced her role in a recent Instagram post that featured a black and white photo […]

Intelligent Puppets Teach Congress About Music Modernization Act

On Monday the Congressional Internet Caucus Academy held a panel titled “In the Era of Streaming, Who’s the Bigger Music Mogul: Jay Z or Congress?” Part of the panel was about the Music Modernization Act, a complex, proposed law that sets up a new compensation mechanism for artists in the streaming environment.  Prior to streaming, […]

Lil Nas X Breaks Mariah Carey’s Billboard Record

If you have been following along with us this summer, you know that Lil Nas X, week after week, has had his name in the middle of something popular.  It has all been driven by his giant summer hit “Old Town Road,” which has been staring down at the competition for over four months.  Now […]

LeBron James and Drake Partner to Launch Uninterrupted in Canada

LeBron James tormented Drake’s Raptors during his tenure in the eastern conference, but now he and Drake are joining forces. The two icons announced that LeBron’s digital media company Uninterrupted will be coming to Canada in its first international expansion. The brand will be called Uninterrupted Canada (UIC). Fitting.  Uninterrupted was launched back in 2015 […]

Lil Nas X Sued for $25 Million

Lil Nas X is being sued $25 million over Carry On, a song he released before Old Time Road. A company called The Music Force claims to own the copyright of a song titled “Carry On” by Bobby Caldwell. The company also says that Lil Nas X’s song Carry On hijacked parts of this Caldwell […]

Justin Bieber Tweet Prompts Popsicle’s ‘Double Pops’ Return

Double Pops .. so fun they gave you more than one. Split it with a friend, or just crush em both in the same serving. A classic and versatile summertime snack for kids of the 90’s and early 2000’s, Popsicle’s Double Pops have taken a hiatus, but they’re back baby, and it’s all thanks to […]

Ed Sheeran Buys Neighbors Houses to Stop Noise Complaints

What lengths would you go to, to stop a neighbor from complaining about your lifestyle? If you’re Ed Sheeran and worth over 150 million dollars, perhaps you’d buy your neighbors homes from them? The actual Ed Sheeran, did exactly that. The London native reportedly bought the two houses next to his $20 plus million dollar […]

Ed Sheeran Forecasts a Touring Band

Ed Sheeran forecasts his touring future in a fifty minute interview with Charlamagne Tha God.  The conversation covers virtually every song on No. 6 Collaoborations in detail.  They talk about where each song came from and how each collaboration happened – who called who.  Sheeran talks about being a twelve year old kid fan of […]

Billie Eilesh & Justin Beiber – A Winning Combination

Taking a page from Lil Naz X who re-ignited “Old Town Road” by releasing a version with Billy Ray Cyrus, our friend Billie Eilish has done the same with her hit “Bad Guy.”  She lures Justin Bieber into her trap just as the song has reached its peak in the charts.  The Bieber mix is […]

Ed Sheeran Owns the Spotify Top 10

Singles have leaked out over the last couple weeks as teasers, but the official release of No. 6 Collaborations by Ed Sheeran exploded into the Spotify Top 10.  It looks like the old days when the Beatles would have multiple singles in the top 10 simultaneously.  Today it’s Sheeran with Khalid at number 3 on […]

Kelly Clarkson Gives Advice to Taylor Swift’s Aid about Scooter Braun Beef

Swift’s mimesis Scooter Braun owns the masters to Taylor Swift’s first six albums after his acquisition of Big Machine Records from Scott Borchetta.  She is not happy.  Her feelings were widely spread across social media last week.  In the spirit of the old adage “don’t get mad, get even,” Kelly Clarkson proposed a novel get […]

Lil Nas X, Young Thug, Yodel Boy Mason Ramsey; Old Town Road Still Tops

Lil Nas X’s country/rap hit Old Town Road has been looking down at ALL the other songs on the Billboard Top 100 for almost four months now. When you think about how long that is to remain the most popular of the most popular, it’s truly remarkable. Adding to the legacy of the song, a […]

Top 10 Viral Dance Challenges Since Viral Dance Challenges Became a Thing

1. The “In My Feelings Challenge” The Drake song, “In My Feelings” had everyone asking for Kiki’s love in the Summer of 2018. 2. The “Whip and Nae Nae” In what turned out to be their biggest hit (only hit?) Silento’s “Whip and Nae Nae” came out of nowhere to top the charts. 3. The […]

Seth Rogen is Afraid of Beyonce

Beyonce is a powerful figure, to the average person. Just her sheer aurora commands the presence of a room. Seth Rogen, a pretty famous dude himself, will be the first to tell you. Upon completion of the The Lion King premier event earlier this week, Rogen popped on to the Jimmy Kennel show. According to […]

Shawn and Camila; More than a Duo

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello a professional couple or a couple-couple?  That’s the question that folks who see them together are asking.  Their professional hookup started back in 2015 when they combined for the hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which they sang together at the LA Jingle Ball that year.  He […]

Nikki Minaj Cancels Saudi Tour for Women’s Rights

The rebellious Nicki Minaj finds herself in the middle of a generational, political-social adjustment that is happening in Saudi Arabia, of all places.  She has cancelled a headlining appearance scheduled for July 18th at the Jeddah World Fest.  The festival is part the country’s attempt to find a balance between its strictly conservative, restrictive form […]