Crazy Rich Asians Writer Quits Over Pay Inequality

Crazy Rich Asians was an absolute hit, earning over $238 million dollars worldwide. The romantic comedy was so big, Warner Bros. decided to renew the title for two sequels. But there is a problem. One of the two film writers, Adele Lim an Asian American, has left over a pay inequality claim. Lim apparently was […]

Joker Sets Sights on Gotham and the Oscars

On Wednesday, the second trailer for the Joker arrived and it is an out of the park home run of a trailer. After the trailer (the final one) became available to the public, Oscar buzz has been intensifying since the release. Based on the footage that we’ve seen, it appears that the film does have […]

Jamie Foxx To Be First Black Lead For Pixar Movie: ‘Soul’

Disney and Pixar announced that Jamie Foxx will be the lead actor in its film Soul, scheduled for release in June 2020.   It’s the first time an African American has played a lead role in a Pixar animation. The film synopsis asks, “Ever wonder where your passion, your dreams and your interests come from? What […]

Get Ripped Like Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as Marvel’s Thor, God of Thunder and for his incredible physique.  Hemsworth, 36, took to Instagram to show off his workout routine.  The videos are an abbreviated form of his paid fitness app Centrfit, which is called “666 Workout,” not to be mistaken for the devil, although […]

Hobbs & Shaw Debuts

Hobbs & Shaw is a $200 million, star-studded, summer blockbuster that is some distance from its origins in the first Fast & Furious movie, a somewhat innocent version of cops vs robbers vs corruption featuring cool street cars straight out of a Need for Speed video game.  What started with Paul Walker (RIP) and Vin […]

Regal Cinemas Launches Unlimited Access Subscription

Regal Cinemas, the second largest movie theater chain in the US, is releasing a subscription allowing unlimited access to movies. Regal is finally getting into the business of movie ticket subscriptions. The other two of the three biggest movie theater chains in the US have already started subscription services. According to Business Insider, Regal’s parent […]

Tom Hanks To Play Legendary Mr. Rogers In New Movie (w/ Trailer)

Forrest Gump, Woody from Toy Story, Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan, Chuck Noland in Cast Away … Tom Hanks has had his fair share of success with major roles in dozens of movies not mentioned above. For the accomplished actor, perhaps one of his best roles is coming to theaters this November, in which […]

‘Recess’ is in Session – Disney To Remake 90’s Cartoon Live Action Style

The trend for Disney producing old content into modern live action content continues. They’ve done it now with the release and production of several classic movies (Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan), and now they’re bringing back ‘Recess’. That’s right, the 3rd Street Elementary School crew is back, but now, they’re live and in living color. Here’s […]

What Type of Movie is Disney’s The Lion King?

In light of Disney’s recent trend of reproducing films from their golden era into modern live action movies, Disney has hit a fork in the road when it comes to classifying their next big release, and one of their most popular titles of all time, The Lion King. Almost all of the movies from the […]

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Remake Buzz

Disney’s golden era of the late 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s has been getting a revival over the last several years, with far superior technology and resources available to the international giants than there were two decades ago. They’ve recreated live action versions of Dumbo, Aladdin, & Lady and the Tramp, while coming soon the […]

The Avengers Video Game will NOT be Using the Likenesses of Marvel Stars

Similar to years past, this years E3 Gaming Convention was filled with surprises both good and bad. One game in particular came with a very bittersweet unveiling and that is Square Enix’s new Avengers game. Although the gameplay looked fantastic and the game is sure to garner more than enough sales upon debut, there is […]