Who Are the Richest Marvel Actors?

Movies made by Marvel Cinematic Universe tend to be high impact films that drive the summer blockbuster season.  That’s the reason why Marvel films and actors tend to make so much money. Here’s a quick list of the ten richest Marvel actors. Chris Pratt plays a leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star-Lord […]

Kristen Stewart Told Not to Hold Girlfriend’s Hand in Marvel Film

Actor Kristen Stewart (famous from the Twilight series) has faced pressure to hide her lesbian identity in order to advance her career. Stewart has said that after she broke up with co-star Robert Patterson, she wanted to focus on enjoying life rather than protecting it, an attitude that allowed her to be open about her […]

Joker Sets Sights on Gotham and the Oscars

On Wednesday, the second trailer for the Joker arrived and it is an out of the park home run of a trailer. After the trailer (the final one) became available to the public, Oscar buzz has been intensifying since the release. Based on the footage that we’ve seen, it appears that the film does have […]

The Spider-Man Wars: Marvel Universe vs. Sony World

Sony Pictures and Disney had a deal which gave Marvel Cinematic Universe legal rights to make Spider-Man movies. Talks between the two companies to renew the deal have recently collapsed.  In a plot worthy of the films themselves, Spider-Man is now set to leave the Marvel Universe. Disney, the owner of Marvel Studios, had demanded […]

Marvel Blindsided: Not Happy About Netflix Cancellations

With Fox being bought out by Disney in 2018, the rights to the Marvel franchise went to Disney. At the time, Marvel still had shows like Luke Cage, Daredevil, and the Punisher among others streaming on Netflix. Disney had only just announced at the time that they were going to start a streaming service of […]

Netflix Auctioning Old and Used Marvel Items To Fans

Netflix is treating some of their old Marvel series that have completed like an old car, scrap it, and sell it for parts. While these “old cars” were good for netflix in their days it’s time now to close the books on series such as Daredevil and Luke Cage, and get every last dollar out […]

The Avengers Video Game will NOT be Using the Likenesses of Marvel Stars

Similar to years past, this years E3 Gaming Convention was filled with surprises both good and bad. One game in particular came with a very bittersweet unveiling and that is Square Enix’s new Avengers game. Although the gameplay looked fantastic and the game is sure to garner more than enough sales upon debut, there is […]