Colts Fans Boo Andrew Luck Off Field After Retirement Announcement

Andrew Luck is one of the classiest, most professional guys to have participated in the modern game of football. He has never been a me-first guy, rather he has always been a we-first guy. He was a team guy. When Luck came to the Indianapolis Colts as the number 1 overall pick in 2012, he […]

Netflix Auctioning Old and Used Marvel Items To Fans

Netflix is treating some of their old Marvel series that have completed like an old car, scrap it, and sell it for parts. While these “old cars” were good for netflix in their days it’s time now to close the books on series such as Daredevil and Luke Cage, and get every last dollar out […]

Songland, New NBC Show for Music Nuts

If you are a music fan, there is a new show on NBC made for you. It’s called Songland.  Adam Levine, from Maron 5 and The Voice, was part of the team that created it, but he’s not the story.  The story is that Songland gives you the most accurate glimpse of how hit songs […]