Taylor Swift Releases New Album ‘Lover’ – Full Track List

Taylor Swift released her much anticipated album Lover on Friday and the Swift faithful are… loving it. This is her 7th album and she’s naturally very enthusiastic about it saying, “There are so many songs that you haven’t heard yet that I’m so excited for you to hear.” She went on to say that “Cornelia […]

Billie Eilish Replaces Lil Nas X at #1 on Billboard’s Chart

Everybody loves a horse race.  That’s why it’s fun when someone like Lil Naz X comes along and scores big against the best in the world, in his case, with a record breaking hit song, “Old Town Road.”  The Taylor Swift’s and the Ed Sheeran’s couldn’t beat him.  He held the number one position on […]

Lil Nas X Breaks Mariah Carey’s Billboard Record

If you have been following along with us this summer, you know that Lil Nas X, week after week, has had his name in the middle of something popular.  It has all been driven by his giant summer hit “Old Town Road,” which has been staring down at the competition for over four months.  Now […]

Ed Sheeran Owns the Spotify Top 10

Singles have leaked out over the last couple weeks as teasers, but the official release of No. 6 Collaborations by Ed Sheeran exploded into the Spotify Top 10.  It looks like the old days when the Beatles would have multiple singles in the top 10 simultaneously.  Today it’s Sheeran with Khalid at number 3 on […]

Shawn and Camila; More than a Duo

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello a professional couple or a couple-couple?  That’s the question that folks who see them together are asking.  Their professional hookup started back in 2015 when they combined for the hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which they sang together at the LA Jingle Ball that year.  He […]

Ed Sheeran Collaborations Strike Gold

Ed Sheeran hits the iTunes chart in early July with two songs “I Don’t Care” with Justin Bieber and “Beautiful People” with Khalid.  They share one lyrical theme; social isolation, the idea that I’m a regular guy in a world of people who are better than I – very Ed Sheeran.  They also share another […]

Luke Combs: Rock & Roll with a Southern Accent

If anyone ever asks what happened to rock & roll, the answer is Luke Combs.  He’s a modern country artist who is turning out hit songs like “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” which has been hanging around the top ten purchased iTunes songs for several weeks.   Two things to note: first, the music is pure […]

Taylor Swift is Ready to Rumble

Taylor Swift is angry.  Rights to her first six albums have been sold to Scooter Braun as part of a deal in which he acquired Swift’s original label Big Machine from its owner Scott Borchetta.  Braun is famous for discovering Justin Bieber as a teen while Borchetta is famous for finding Taylor Swift as a […]

Lil Nas X “Coming Out” Party

June was a big month for Lil Nas X — he released his first EP, his hit Old Town Road reached 14 weeks straight at #1 on the charts, and to cap it all off, he got a monkey off his back that was likely there for quite some time. June is also gay pride […]

Drake Overtakes The Beatles on Top 100 List

“Drizzy” Drake has had quite the month of June. He has announced that he is in “album mode”, his beloved Raptors have won their first NBA Championship, and he released a two pack of songs to follow. One of those two songs, Money in the Grave, has debuted in the Hot 100, which was the […]