Amazon’s Alexa Might Have Witnessed a Murder

amazon alexa

A woman died with a spear through her chest at a beach condo. Her boyfriend has been charged with her murder and has pleaded not guilty, claims the death was an accident. Luckily, Hallandale Beach officials say that an Amazon Echo, or similar device, was in the room. So, as it stands, a voice assistant […]

American Airlines Launches Boarding Gate Facial Recognition

American Airlines has just launched facial recognition technology as an alternative to boarding passes. They are not the first to use the technology. According to the Washington Post, as of 2018, 14 airports were using facial recognition technology for the boarding process. It’s being used by Lufthansa at Los Angles’ LAX, at Singapore’s Changi airport […]

Top Ten Changes that AI Will Likely Bring

      For many years artificial intelligence wasn’t producing many breakthroughs. However, in recent times AI has finally produced major success stories. AI has already changed the world and its impact won’t slow down anytime soon. AI is set to dramatically transform the global economy and to disrupt lifestyles around the world. Here’s a short list […]

Facebook is Designing a “Dark Mode” for Scrolling Your News Feed Late at Night

Many social media services have developed dark modes for using their websites at night. The glare of a bright screen at night usually puts a strain on a person’s eyes. Twitter and Gmail already offer Dark Mode settings and Facebook already has it for its Messenger app. According to software engineer Jane M. Wong, Facebook […]

Google’s AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis Works in Real Time

According to MIT Technology Review, one of Google’s deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) programs called Lymph Node Assistant has already been better at diagnosing breast cancer than human doctors since October 2018. Google trained an algorithm to understand which breast cancer tumors have spread. 90 percent of breast cancer deaths occur because of the spreading […]

New AI Assistant Developed for Visual Question and Answering (VQA)

            A new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called Tiki was recently invented by a team at UC Berkeley. The invention was based on the goal of creating a virtual assistant that is capable of video streaming things from text or voice questions in order to answers those questions. Some of the questions might be about […]

Artificial Smelling and Tasting: Good or Bad Idea?

            Hearing is one of the five senses which technology has successfully aided. Hearing aids are common and successful technologies. Eyeglasses designed to help people to see well have existed since the Middle Ages. Recently, an artificial tongue has been developed by the University of Glasgow. So far, our sense of smell has been harder […]

How Your Data Helps AI

            An article published in the Economist in 2017 said that data is the new oil. Recent history has seen massive amounts of data becoming available on the internet, especially through social media. The data created in the social media universe can be accessed by data miners and artificial intelligence (AI) creators. A 2019 global […]

China Builds World’s First Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Chip

A group of Chinese researchers at Tsinghua University recently created a chip that combines conventional artificial intelligence (AI) with an AI inspired by the human brain. The team claims this breakthrough could lead to a more naturalized AI. The researchers demonstrated the capabilities of the new chip in a video of a self-driving bicycle that […]

Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Releases Natural Language Framework

Baidu, a Chinese Tech Giant released a conversational AI machine that works in both Chinese and English. The new machine ERNIE 2.0 claims to outperform Google’s BERT and XLNet in several language understanding benchmarks and in nine different Chinese natural language tasks. ERNIE 2.0 relies on a transformer encoder and the BookCorpus data set for […]

AI Being Used to Detect Breast Cancer Tumor Cells

A new technological age is upon us. Artificial intelligence is being applied across many different industries very quickly. One of the uses in the healthcare field applies AI to diagnose illnesses. It is now being used to distinguish between benign and malignant cells in potential breast cancer tumors. These classifications can help patients avoid unnecessary […]

Microsoft’s Robot Xiaoice Becomes the First Live TV AI Weather Host

Microsoft’s AI robot Xiaoice has now taken on the role of TV host. The robot is now hosting the live Chinese program “Morning News.” The robot is said to have the most human-like voice of any AI program so far. Developers equipped Xiaoice with Text-to-Speech recognition in order to make its voice as natural sounding […]

Eric’s Book Review of AI Super-Powers

Kai-Fu Lee recently published AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order, a fascinating inside perspective on the booming AI industry. The book lays out a vision of what problems artificial intelligence (AI) might cause and what we as a global civilization can do to fix it. Lee presents a global future that […]

Here’s Five Women in India Redefining AI

            AI is changing the social and professional worlds very quickly. Unfortunately, women tend to be underrepresented in AI and in the tech industry in general. However, several Indian women are making an impact on the AI industry. Here’s five women who are examples of this trend.             Ashwini Asokan left Silicon Valley to go […]

Scientists are Now Using Phone Movements to Predict Personality

Scientists are now using phone movements to predict personality traits. Many interesting correlations have been found between certain personality traits and phone usage style. Patterns of physical activity and social activities also predict a person’s personality type. Researchers have used tiny sensors on people’s phones to track their behavioral patterns. The speed and length we […]

BBC Launches New Series About a Changing Global Workforce 

BBC has launched a new series titled Workforce about how massive technological and social changes are reshaping how work happens around the world. The series is designed to be a guide to career success in the future. It also explores new cultural trends in the work world as well as the issue of job automation. […]