Stranger Things Recap – The Best Season Yet? (Warning: Spoilers)

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First things first.  In writing this article I tried to keep the important spoilers to a minimum, but if you don’t even want the slightest idea of what happened in Season 3 of Stranger Things, PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Thank you!

As if the world of the Upside Down and the evil scientists of Hawkins Lab weren’t enough, Stranger Things Season 3 manages to kick it up yet another notch. 

In this season we are faced with a new threat from the biggest villains of the 1980’s, the Russians.  We are also introduced to new love interests for Steve (sort of) and Dustin who together, remain a dynamic duo throughout season 3.   Although we’ve been devastated in the past by the deaths of beloved innocent characters such as Barb and Bob, this current season manages to stretch our heartstrings further than ever before.

This season is a bit of coming of age season as all the characters (and the actors who portray them in real life) are getting older and experiencing things they never had before.  In previous seasons, much of the conflict came from external causes that the team had to band together to defeat.  In this season you’ll see what them at odds with each other while trying to navigate the initial entrance into the dating world.  Mike and Elevens romance will start a split between the group which will only get worse once they break up.  Max actually breaks up with Lucas at the same time and this causes Eleven and Max to become best friends. 

Honestly this season was heavily centered on romance, dating, and love.  Dustin, who just comes back from camp to begin the season, claims to have a girlfriend named Suzy but no one believes him after a failed attempt to contact her.  Spoiler alert, she is real, and she eventually plays a crucial role in the season.  Steve, who’s been working at Scoops Ahoy with our newest character Robin, is constantly striking out every time he makes an attempt to woe a woman.  Throughout the season and due to various conversations with Dustin, Steve eventually realizes that he actual has strong feelings for Robin.  After the 2 get close, Steve eventually professes his interest in Robin, which leads to an unexpected response from Robin.

Also, the chemistry between Hopper and Joyce continues through this season and manages to survive multiple pitfalls.  It’s obvious that Hopper has loved Joyce since they were young kids in Hawkins.  Joyce however, is still reeling off of the loss of Bob and has become scared of leaving herself vulnerable to heartbreak.  Hopper has a difficult time with this all season as he is at the same time learning how to parent a teenage girl who is anything but cooperative. 

Matter of fact the only character throughout the show to not have any type of romantic interest or storyline is Will Byers.  Then again, will should probably be in a psych ward and traumatized beyond repair after the things he’s experienced.  Nevertheless, he finds himself in the middle of everything again as he still holds a connection between the Upside Down and reality.  Although this season was so concentrated on love stories, it still manages to pack a punch of intrigue, action, mystery and excitement.  It may very well be the best season

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