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Stevie Wonder’s Health Concerns

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The other night during a London concert the old timer, Stevie Wonder, gave us a lesson in modern communication.  He got in front of potential rumors by announcing from the stage that he will be taking some time off to have a kidney transplant at the end of September. 

In a world dominated by social media our private lives or business affairs can be rumored about and exploited by people who can in some way benefit from the association.  That’s true for normal folks who routinely suffer shaming and bullying online and it’s even truer for celebrities.  The strategy for them is standard crisis management that any good public relations expert would recommend – get in front of it.  That is exactly what Stevie Wonder did.  He didn’t try to hide his health issue, thereby letting someone tell his story.  Instead to told the story his way and controlled the narrative.

Stevie Wonder is 69 years old.  He has been recording hit records since the age of eleven when he was Little Stevie Wonder.  In those years he has sold more than 100 million records and gathered 25 Grammy Awards.

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