Songland, New NBC Show for Music Nuts

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If you are a music fan, there is a new show on NBC made for you. It’s called Songland.  Adam Levine, from Maron 5 and The Voice, was part of the team that created it, but he’s not the story.  The story is that Songland gives you the most accurate glimpse of how hit songs happen as has ever been aired.  Each week a big time artist has a chance to choose a between songs pitched by unknown songwriters.  Some of them are wannabe artists, others can sing well enough to present their music, but will never be lead voices themselves. 

While the stars change every week, there is a stable panel of major league record producers who, after hearing the songs, provide constructive criticism.  They suggest ways to improve the song.  Then you see the studio process and how those changes are realized.

The show ends with the weekly star choosing one of the reworked songs to record.  Here’s a great example of the beginning and the end of the process for a song called “Greenlight” by unknown singer/songwriter Able Heart.  Watch the first video to see Able Heart present the song.  Follow that with the second video of the Jonas Brothers version that sits at number 9 on the iTunes most purchased list this week.

Song selection process:

Jonas Brother’s Hit Song:

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