Signs You Could Be Getting Diabetes

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There are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the pancreatic cells, resulting in low or no insulin production. Type II diabetes is usually caused by lifestyle choices, though in certain ethnic groups, the risk of getting it is higher. Like with any other disease, there are early telltale signs of diabetes.

Being hungry and tired all the time

When someone has diabetes, their body is unable to move glucose into the cells, so it stays in the bloodstream. All that unused nutrient leaves you feeling hungry and tired, even though you just ate. It’s not an issue with your digestive system, it’s a transportation issue. Insulin is usually the hormone that helps move sugar into the cells, but in diabetics, their bodies either aren’t producing enough insulin or they are insensitive to the effects of insulin.

Thirsty and peeing a lot

All that extra sugar in your bloodstream makes your kidneys go into overdrive. These organs produce more urine in an attempt to get the extra sugar out. More urine means less water in your blood, which makes you feel thirsty. So, if you feel like you’re going to the bathroom and chugging water more often, it might be time to talk to your healthcare provider.

Your mouth is dry

If your body is producing extra urine, you’re losing water. This dehydration leads to a dry mouth and dry skin. You could also experience itchiness. If this happens during a humid time of the year and can’t be blamed on heaters or the weather, see your doctor!

You’re getting yeast infections

Normally, yeast lives in your body in harmony on your skin. But when there is extra sugar, their population grow out of control. One of the early signs of diabetes is recurring yeast infections. This can happen in the genitals or on the skin. It’s a good idea to get this checked out because the yeast can easily build up resistance to medication. It’s a better to cut off its source of food than to keep trying to treat it with antifungal medications.

Blurred vision

If your eyeballs are filled with fluid, your eyesight could be affected. More glucose in the blood makes the lens swell, leading to blurry vision. Of course, there are many other things that can cause that symptom, so if you have trouble seeing, it’s time to visit your doctor.


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