You read the headline correctly. R. Kelly has gone missing and no one knows where he is right now. Well, R. Kelly knows where he is, and maybe one or two other people, but as far as the legal system goes, they haven’t a clue. R. Kelly was due to appear in court after flying from Chicago to New York, but when his lawyer went to meet him, he could not find him, or get in touch with him.

It is common knowledge that the former R&B star is facing numerous charges of sexual assault against underaged girls. He was arrested recently and has been in custody for almost a month now. How he got out of police custody long enough to disappear is mind blowing, but these are the facts at the moment. His attorney cannot locate him, and one can only begin to imagine what Kells is up to. Is R. Kelly the new El Chapo?

As any sort of news unfolds, we will provide the scoop here. For now, consider R. Kelly, “on the run”.

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