Possible Causes of Vaping Illnesses

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Vaping started off as a less smelly form of cigarettes. It has now turned into a marketing and pulmonary disease scandal. Over a thousand people have fallen ill due to vaping and over 30 of them have died. So just what is causing this vaping illness? Here are some possible culprits:

Vaping Itself

Since this illness has only cropped up recently and people have been vaping nicotine for a long time, vaping itself isn’t a likely to be the cause of the mysterious lung illness.

Flavoring in Vapes

Once again, flavored nicotine vapes have also been around for a while and there have been no reports of deaths or injuries until now. So, this too, is an unlikely culprit.

Contaminated Juuls and Weed Vapes

Most cases of lung damage are happening to people who vaped weed, so it is possible that contaminated weed has been causing the lung damage. That makes it less likely that Juuls, the delivery mechanism, is the cause since evidence points to THC being possibly responsible.

Super Heated Vapes

Oils do weird things when heated to high temperatures, including creating toxic and potentially harmful substances. Cranking up your vape to “high” might not be the cause, but it may be only one of the factors contributing to lung damage.

Weed Vapes with Vitamin E

When you mix THC and Vitamin E at high temperatures, it’s possible that the heated compound chemicals can degrade and react. The Centers for Disease Control has focused its attention on illness among folks who used weed vapes containing THC since the majority of people effected used it. If you’re wondering what to do now, the best and safest course of action is to not use THC vapes. If you’re in a State where recreational marijuana is legal, you can always purchase edibles or simply go analog and smoke a joint. Source: https://slate.com/technology/2019/10/vaping-illness-causes-exhaustive-list.html

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