We know that there is a black hole in the middle of our galaxy, but is it possible that there’s a black hole in our solar system? A recently published study has proposed the possibility that there might be a tiny black hole on the outer edges of our solar system. Its existence is what causes comets and other icy, space rocks to orbit in a strange way.

Strange Orbits

If you track the way planets orbit the sun, you’ll see they stack up nicely and evenly. It’s clear that the planets are affected by the gravitational pull of our star. By contrast, there are comets that zoom in and out of our solar system with strange, lopsided orbits. If you draw a picture of their paths, it looks like they orbit both the sun and … something else.

Primordial Black Holes

Scientists have hypothesized that this “something else” could be either another 9th planet (not you Pluto, sorry) or a primordial black hole. These tiny black holes are as old as the universe. They didn’t form from giant, dying stars, but they do condense masses of matter to tiny singularities.

Luckily for us earthlings, this black hole isn’t going to suck us all in and spaghettify our bodies any time soon.

Source: https://youtu.be/9Q9lnNcAX6c

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