With the growing popularity of podcasting in the modern connected world, Netflix has found a clever way to integrate one into a series. It’s called “The Only Podcast Left” and it will serve as a fictional companion to the show “Daybreak,” an apocalyptic zombie series. “The Only Podcast Left” takes place in the environment of the show and is a fictional, scripted podcast, in contrast to the real, non-scripted, more free flowing ones we’re accustomed to. It will feature a group of teenagers who are “surviving” the apocalypse and documenting their experience. The idea is to build a community around the series as a place for die-hard fans to gather – sort of like how “Breaking Bad” would have a sit down after the show called “Talking Bad” to dissect an episode. Of course, you have to be into the show to enjoy the podcasts. Netflix already has companion podcasts for some of its content, including a behind-the-scenes show about “Stranger Things,” and another called “You Can’t Make This Up” about how Netflix filmmakers create their true crime dramas. “The Only Podcast Left” will be available for streaming November 7th through December 12th on Spotify exclusively, then will open broadly to other streaming platforms. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/31/20942754/netflix-scripted-the-only-podcast-left-spotify-daybreak-release-date

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