In 2020, Disney is releasing an animated web television series spin-off of the Monsters Inc. franchise titled Monsters at Work. The visuals of a new character from Monsters at Work has been revealed to the general public. Ben Feldman is the voice actor for the character Tylor Tuskmon, an eager and talented mechanic. Feldman showed the image to the public through an Instagram post on June 12th.

            The image presents a thin and yellow character with bright blue eyes. A lot of personality is clearly present in the image. The character is blessed with horns, a bright blue hat and two white teeth sticking out. His body language shows incredible enthusiasm and readiness for the job at hand. He is carrying a red toolkit in his left hand and a silver tool in his right hand. He has thin feet with black nails at the end. Everything about his body language suggests that he is an innocent soul who is excited about his work.

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