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Miley Cyrus Has Come a Long Way From Hannah Montana

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Destiny Hope ‘Miley’ Cyrus was born edgy in 1992.  There has never been a time when she was not edgy and there has never been a time when she wasn’t successful. At 12, with no prior experience, she got the role of Hannah Montana over 1,000 other girls. Her vibrant personally was evident even in the audition process. 

Her dad, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, now famous for his featured role in Lil Nax X’s hit “Old Town Road,” was always in support, giving her free rein to go where her head took her. And it took her to strange places. It started with her earlier than normal drive to act and sing. She played Hannah Montana, a tweenage singing star. And as life often imitates art, at 16 she released her first album called Breakout, the title of which implies what was to come. Miley made the point again with her second album, Can’t Be Tamed, which feature a body revealing video for her biggest hit “Wrecking Ball.” To her TV / film acting and her singing careers, Miley has added concert headliner and TV personality. She hosted the Video Music Awards one year and was a chair turner on The Voice for two seasons. From the beginning Miley Cyrus has collected award after award for her work – last count there have been more than 180 nominations and awards. Pushing the envelope works for her. 

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