According to a report from The Athletic, the L.A. Chargers and the NFL have a mutual interest in the Chargers relocating to London as the first ever NFL franchise to be located outside the United States. The report claims that the Chargers are fully committed to moving into the NFL’s new $4.5 billion dollar facility in LA, where both the Rams and Chargers are to share real estate. But they are also interested in a larger move – so much for the full commitment.

It has been nothing short of a disaster for the Chargers who have been playing their home games in the LA Galaxy’s soccer stadium after moving from San Diego. Every game is like an away game as the stadium usually fills with fans from the visitor’s team. The LA market appears unable to support two teams and the Chargers show no signs they have any interest in moving back to their former home. 

Meanwhile, the NFL has long wanted to grow its international brand with a franchise outside the United States. And since the current LA experiment by the Chargers seems to be trending toward failure, the door has opened for a potential move, like to London.

The glaring issue is scheduling. How would the NFL handle the time differences and the excessive travel? Something could be worked out when the next CBA negotiations take place, if the league chooses to expand the schedule, which may be the only way of doing it.  Bottom line: it’s still a far away possibility. 


Update: Charger Owner says theres no chance the team is moving. They plan to be in LA “for a very very long time”.

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