Lil Nas X’s country/rap hit Old Town Road has been looking down at ALL the other songs on the Billboard Top 100 for almost four months now. When you think about how long that is to remain the most popular of the most popular, it’s truly remarkable. Adding to the legacy of the song, a new remix was released featuring rap artist Young Thug, and yodeling icon, young Mason Ramsey.

One must remember Mason Ramsey even his name is not household. He’s the yodeling kid … THE yodeling kid. Check him out on youtube if you need a refresher. Anyhow, he’s on there, and while he isn’t yodeling, he lays down a smooth verse as the last of the quartet to feature on the new remix. Don’t expect this to be the last time the young and talented Mason Ramsey features on a popular song, and EXPECT Old Town Road to continue to crush the charts after this release.

Young Thug’s verse is par for the course with a traditional Young Thug feature, and he goes on to sing the “Can’t nobody tell me nothing” hook at the end. The bigger news about Young Thug however was his comments on Lil Nas X’s decision to reveal his sexuality.

In an interview on Jumper, Young Thug said he thought X’s decision to come out during Gay Pride Month was a “G’s Move”. While ultimately it was all support and love, Thug said he felt X maybe shouldn’t have revealed his sexuality just yet. Paraphrasing the rappers comments, his point was essentially that people (especially in the rap community) are going to be now more worried about the fact that X is gay than the content and quality of his music.

Do you agree with Young Thug, and have you heard the newest Old Town Road Remix?

Check out the new remix here which features a very cool animated emoji video to go along with it. 

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