Lil Nas X & Gordon Ramsay … Hey Panini!

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More Lil Nas X news as the young sensation continues to make headlines this summer, and this time it’s in the kitchen.

Fresh off his new release of the “7” EP, hit song Panini has attracted the likes of Gordon Ramsay to, well, teach Lil Nas X how to make a panini of course. X claimed he had never made one before, and in the video it showed. He was incredibly awkward in the kitchen giving way to Ramsay to show him the ropes.

Sauce, meat, cheese, and extras were all in the mix as the panini’s were thrown on the griddle, and the pair hoped their panini’s wouldn’t be a meanie. Fortunately, they were not, as they came out perfectly toasted. To add a little flare to the mix, Lil Nas X cut his open with an axe. Yes, a beautiful stainless steel axe. All in all this was a great publicity stunt for the master chef / entertainer Gordon Ramsay, while X learned a thing or two about the heat in the kitchen.

Check out the video of the two in the kitchen here. What’s next for Lil Nas X? Drop a note below and share your thoughts.

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