Kanye West Opens Christian School

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Kanye West has a new, broad mission to spread the word of Jesus. In that regard, he announced his Yeezy Christian Academy. The Twitter announcement featured his children, North and Saint West with their cousins, dressed in uniforms that include blue shirts with the academy’s initials YCA.

In a classroom they talk about Jesus and his love for everyone, which is followed by them running around outdoors while chanting. An earlier post showed the children enjoying art and music lessons.

Kanye captioned the new video, “DEAR FUTURE, I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU… YEEZY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY” followed by, “[the] future has homes for everyone. [The]  future has food for everyone. Our future has love. Jesus loves everyone. Let’s lead with love! Our future is waiting on us!”

According to the press release, this is Kanye’s “latest initiative for education.” Its aim is to instill faith and religion in children. And for citizens to be responsibility for the future of children in America.

Another part of West’s larger mission is the creation of JesusTok, “a Christian-monitored” version of TikTok.  Kanye wants a channel “that feels safe for young children and the world.”


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