Joker Sets Sights on Gotham and the Oscars

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On Wednesday, the second trailer for the Joker arrived and it is an out of the park home run of a trailer. After the trailer (the final one) became available to the public, Oscar buzz has been intensifying since the release. Based on the footage that we’ve seen, it appears that the film does have the potential to be nominated, but we have to wait until the film opens on October 4th to begin the awards conversation. All of the pieces seem to be in the right place for this film so far and Joaquin Phoenix is the highlight.

In the new trailer, all the contributing factors that ultimately influence Arthur Fleck to become the Joker are presented throughout the new footage. The tone of the film looks to be extremely dark (R rating has been confirmed) and has elements of Taxi Driver. Please keep in mind that this will be a standalone film that is separate from the DCEU (Justice League, Shazam, The Batman & The Flash) and will focus solely on the clown prince of crime.

The director Todd Philips (The Hangover & War Dogs) has stated that the film will raise awareness of mental health and how someone can snap after being ridiculed and beaten. The trailer is very progressive in the sense that it shows Arthur Fleck evolve into something Gotham is not ready for. Both trailers have ended in victorious fashion with a song and pose that is designed to paint the madness that will eventually wreck complete havoc against the city. October 4th is the release date and we are ready to witness Joaquin Phoenix at his finest courtesy of Todd Philips.


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