Igloos and Ice Hotels: Where to Stay If You Love the Cold

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If you truly love the cold and all of the majesty of winter, consider booking your next vacation at an igloo resort. Packed with all the amenities of a luxury hotel, these chilly spots feature sub-zero temperature rooms and inimitable views of the starry night sky. All of the resorts on our list are tucked away in northern, cold countries, so make sure to bring an extra blanket or parka with you!

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

Kakslauttanen is located deep in one of Finland’s national parks. Guests can choose to stay in either a glass igloo or a log cabin, where rooms are kept between 21 and 27 degrees Fahrenheit. This winter wonderland offers all sorts of snowy adventures, like dog-sledding and snowmobiles. Other amenities include a smoked sauna and two chic restaurants. Rooms start at $450 per night.

Icehotel – Sweden

The Icehotel in Sweden is constructed completely out of ice! Rooms at this one-of-a-kind resort are kept even colder than the rooms at Kakslauttanen—between 17 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Book a deluxe suite to gain access to a hot sauna in the privacy of your own room. The best time of year to visit is between December and April for views of the astounding Northern Lights. Rates start at $600 per night.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – Norway

Head to Norway for an affordable North Pole experience. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel features 20 – 25℉ rooms, as well as an ice bar, ice chapel, and ice sculptures. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy an authentic reindeer sleigh-ride, and end your cold day with a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi. Rooms here start at $300 a night.

Hôtel de Glace – Canada

If you want to travel within North America, consider the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec. Like something straight out of Frozen, this palace is made completely out of snow and ice. It features a snow slide, ice bar, spas and saunas, and even an indoor water park. Sleep amenities include an ice bed with insulated sheets and a heavy-duty sleeping bag. A night at this icy castle starts at $400 per guest.

Borealis Basecamp – Alaska

Experience the great Alaskan outdoors just twenty-five miles from Fairbanks. Borealis Basecamp combines the glamor of a luxury hotel with the beauty of outdoor camping. You’ll stay in a heated igloo with a see-through ceiling for a perfect view of the night sky, featuring the majestic Aurora Borealis. You can book experience packages here that include a shuttle ride from the airport, dog sledding, and other Alaskan activities. A night at Borealis Basecamp starts at $400.

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