Group Games to Build Social Skills in Your Kids

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One of the most important parenting responsibilities is to help kids develop the skills needed to grow into happy, healthy adults. Social skills, teamwork and good communication skills, needed for success in adult life, all can be learned through group games. Here’s a quick list of traditional, group games that will help your kids to learn social skills:

Blind Man’s Bluff is an old-time game in which children are tagged as “it.” The “it” child is blindfolded and must wander around trying to tag other kids in order to make them the new “it.”

Capture the Flag is a game where kids are divided into two teams.  Each team tries to capture a flag on the other team’s side of the field. The kids must run into enemy territory and take the flag without being tagged by the other team.

Kick the Can is a variation of games such as tag or hide & seek. In this game, the “it” tags people in order to capture them while the un-captured players attempt to kick a can in order to release the captured players; the game ends when all non-“it” players are captured.

Balancing Act is a game where kids place a bean bag, a pencil, an eraser or a similar object on their heads. When the music starts the game begins, the kids try to walk around without the objects falling off their heads; if an object falls, then they are frozen. They can be unfrozen if another child puts the object back on their head.

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