Game-Tech Start-Up Raises $1 Million in Seed Money

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Five Vectors Inc. is a German-US start-up that focuses on music for the digital gaming industry. They work with musicians and producers to create the music that enriches the competition in eSports games as well as in simple games played on a mobile phone. They already have 80 audio tracks in service, which is why they’ve attracted $1 million dollars in seed money. The investment is targeted for further technology development and for recruiting additional creative talent.

The company operates two brands: 2DEX, a gaming industry focused business and Players Republik, a consumer-facing gaming brand.

Co-founder Wasae Imran is the former Global Head of Video Network at ESL while his partner, Andreas Lauer was the former Head of Digital Strategy and advisor to the President & CEO of Universal Music Central Europe.

Look for more companies like Five Vectors Inc. to pop up in the future.


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