FaceApp – The App We Wish Wasn’t Russian

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FaceApp has been sweeping the nation recently. Although it was developed back in 2017, the AI Facial Modification App has boosted its popularity exponentially in the past week. Just when we thought we were experiencing an innocent tidbit of fun it all came crashing down. FaceApp is owned by a Russian company and using FaceApp puts yourself in high levels of risk.

On top of the fact that FaceApp grants access to a users device information and photos, it also contains fine print that basically says FaceApp is allowed to use your data in any way they seem fit. This includes transferring your data from countries and jurisdictions where the data laws are extremely less restrictive.

They can also monetize your face and likeness which means one day you may see yourself as an advertisement or your picture being used with no ownership and no control. This may not seem like too big of a deal to the common person, but imagine all the celebrities that have used the app that now have donated their likenesses to Russia.

We don’t actually know what the results are going to lead to, but it’s safe to say people are sweating now.

The only question left is if we would feel the same if it was owned by any other country?

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