Even While Reopening, Many States are Concerned About Health Results

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As the overall number of deaths and infections declined across the US, many states are reopening in an effort to turn around their economies. Although the nation’s new infection numbers are going down significantly, June 5th saw a surprising, and concerning, one day upsurge to 28,692 infections. Some public health experts are concerned that the reopening process combined with the large scale protest movement could cause another devastating wave of COVID-19 infections.

Just six days after Governor of Texas Greg Abbot’s June 3rd announcement that the state was opening up to increased business and economic activity, Texas reported its highest, single-day number of new COVID-19 hospitalizations, 1,935. It broke the previous record of 1,888 from May 8th.

The Governor is still moving forward by reopening bars, restaurants, amusement parks and other businesses to 50% capacity.

Florida and Arizona have also seen significant increases in Covid-19 infections. They are among 21 states that have seen increases in recent weeks, possibly as a result of states reopening too early. In 8 states, the infection rates have stayed the same over the past two weeks while a total of 23 states have seen infection rates decline over the same period.

Policymakers have seen that the economy improve from April to May, largely because of the reopening process. Still, these improvements are fragile because another wave of COVID-19 could return the economy to the downside and dramatically worsen the nation’s economic crisis.


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