Elton John Praises Dua Lipa

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In a live Instagram interview this week, Elton John hailed Dua Lipa as the “zeitgeist” for a disco revival with her new album called Future Nostalgia.

Elton said the album is “fantastic, we don’t stop playing it here. My boys love it, David [Furnish, husband] loves it. I just want to congratulate you because you were the first out there.”

Future Nostalgia “Greatest album” of 2020

He went on, “While you are interviewing me … I just want to tell you that you’ve probably made one of the greatest albums of the year.”

John believes her music captures the cultural climate of this era. He said the album gave people what they wanted, that the album caught the spirit of the time. People wanted something fun and she delivered. He added that the track “Levitating” was his favorite.

Dua Lipa’s Second Album Broke Global Records

Future Nostalgia broke three global records on Spotify its first week of release. It was the platform’s most streamed album in a day by a British female artist in the UK, the US and globally. In the UK, Future Nostalgia racked up 21.7 million combined audio and video streams in its first week.

Dua Lipa is a nominee in the 2020 American Music Awards (AMAs) for the Favorite Female in the Pop/Rock category. She’s up against Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Still, with a stamp of approval by both fans and Elton John, Dua Lipa has a chance to beat out the two superstars in her category.

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