Ed Sheeran forecasts his touring future in a fifty minute interview with Charlamagne Tha God.  The conversation covers virtually every song on No. 6 Collaoborations in detail.  They talk about where each song came from and how each collaboration happened – who called who.  Sheeran talks about being a twelve year old kid fan of Eminem and 50 Cent – never thinking he would ever work with him.  Now, as a star himself, he had the idea for “Remember The Name.”  He wanted both rap giants to join him on it.  The opportunity came when he went back stage at an Eminem show only to see 50 Cent sitting there.  It was fate.  He gave them the tune to think about and the collaboration happened.

At a different time in the interview, while talking about his work with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars on the song “Blow” he explained the effect that the classic rock approach they took on the song had, “Throughout my whole career I never had a excuse to get a band, now that’s an excuse to get a band…playing that [“Blow”] live what be a different level.”

Since Sheeran is known for his live solo work it was suggested that it’s hard to envision him touring with a band.  He responded, “I had an idea to do both…people like my loop pedal and no one has seen me with a band…I think it’s time to have a show that incorporates both on them.”  Speculation: open the show as a solo and then bring on a band to blow the doors down.  Sounds like this natural evolution will be evident the next time Ed Sheeran tours. 

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