Earthquake Strikes Central and Southern Mexico

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On Tuesday, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit central and southern Mexico killing at least 6 victims. The nation’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported that one person had died from a collapsed building in Huatulco, Oaxaca. Other officials reported a death from a collapsed house and from a worker who fell from an oil refinery structure.

The President claimed that there had been over 140 aftershocks, most of which were small. Even Mexico City felt the shock. Though newspapers have reported no damage to the historically significant and beautiful capital city, many residents ran into the streets, terrified by the shaking buildings.

Francisco Aceves, owner of an import-export firm in Mexico City, was on the 22nd floor of an office block when the earthquake hit. “It really moved,” said Mr. Aceves.

Reuters reported that Tuesday’s quake had set off a tsunami warning for the Pacific coasts of Mexico and Central America.

A tsunami hitting Mexico after an earthquake would be especially challenging given the simultaneous threat of COVID-19. Mexico is suffering from a still mounting outbreak of the disease. On June 23rd, Mexico recorded 6,288 new COVID-19 cases.

Pope Francis offered a public prayer for the victims. In his native Spanish, Francis said “Yesterday a violent earthquake hit the south of Mexico causing victims, injuries and enormous damage. Let’s pray for them. May the help of God and our brothers give them strength and support. Brothers and sisters, I am very close to you.”

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