Down and Dirty Travel Destinations

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Do you love adventure, action, and getting down and dirty? Well, for your next weekend getaway, check out some of these open-air places for some outdoor fun.

Imperial Sand Dunes (ATV)

Instead of taking your ATV out into the woods, try some sand dunes. Test your skills and the limits of your vehicle by flying through loose sand. Head to the southeastern corner of California where you can spend days on the dunes. Permits are required if you go between October and April, but you can easily purchase them online.

Everglades National Park (Swamp tours)

Nothing says “dirty” quite like a swamp, and it’s not just about drenching yourself with muddy water. These wetlands also have a distinctive, swampy smell. A quick Google search will show you a huge variety of swamp tours to choose from. Take one during the day to see all sorts of wildlife. But don’t forget that some animals are most active at night, so you might prefer an in-the-dark tour. Make sure to bring lots of bug spray, sunscreen, and a hat!

The Cliffs Insane Off-Road Park (Off-roading)

Want to stay clean while you get your car dirty? You’ll want to drive to the Cliffs Insane Off-Road Park in Marseilles, Illinois. Spend a day out in the woods and engage that four-wheel drive! You can also bring your ATV or dirt bike, as this park has trails for every vehicle you can imagine.

Red River Motorcycle Trails (Dirt biking)

If you’re in Texas, then you’ll want to bring your dirt bike to Red River Motorcycle Trails. This 2500-acre park has trails for beginners and pros. Weekends are the best time to go because the park is open to the public. If you want to go during the week, however, you must make an appointment. 

Moaning Cavern (Spelunking)

Get dirty and explore deep, dark corners of the earth by going spelunking in Moaning Cavern. What is spelunking exactly? It’s the act of exploring wild caves. You’ll need to bring your own gear and definitely a buddy since spelunking is neither a safe nor a solitary sport. While you’re here, you can also indulge in some zip-lining and rock climbing, just to see how dirty it is possible to get!

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