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Disney Releases Mulan Teaser Video — Find Out What People Are Saying

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Disney had announced in 2015 that they were making a remake to the 1998 children’s movie Mulan which at the time was a cartoon, and a favorite among Disney movie faithful. The original release date was set to be in 2018, but that has since been pushed back to the spring/summer of 2020. The teaser trailer video was released on Sunday, and many are shocked, excited, and a bit confused at what they saw.

The remake be a live-action film, or in simpler terms, with real actors. No cartoon, no digital anime. It stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei as Mulan with a supporting cast featuring the likes of prominent international actors Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and Gong Li. After having seen the trailer, the new version of Mulan is much different than what many have come to expect from Disney movies. It appears this Mulan remake will be more along the lines of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Karate Kid meets Disney movie foundation.

The reviews have been mixed thus far between praise and lambast. For one, there was no Mushu, the talking dragon, shown in the previews who was a fan favorite in the 1998 edition. While there could be a Mushu like role in the movie, we’d recommend you expect there not to be. Some feel this is more along the lines of the actual legendary story of Mulan, while others are very upset their favorite character likely won’t play a role. Additionally there has been disputes over the region in which Mulan hails from. Chinese fans noted the scenes being from the lands of southern China instead of northern China where it is said Mulan is supposed to be from.

Finally, the 1998 edition of Mulan was a musical; common across Disney cartoon movies from that era. It is unlikely that will be the case in this remake as well, so don’t bank on any Christina Aguilera tracks.

Overall this movie takes on a much more serious identity of the story of Mulan, and while it is a different take on a Disney children’s classic, it should draw a ton of international recognition, while attracting a larger demographic audience.

Check out the trailer of Disney’s Mulan remake and let us know how you feel about this newly rendered spin of the late 90’s classic.

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