Discontinued, but Not Forgotten Fast Foods

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When a fast-food chain discontinues a product, it might feel like a part of our childhood has been erased. In fact, it’s not uncommon for fans to circulate petitions when a fast food chain retires a beloved menu option. While this article is no petition, it is an ode to our favorite discontinued, but not forgotten, fast food items.

McDonald’s – Fried Apple Pie

Try as it might to present a healthy-eating image, no one goes to McDonald’s for the vitamins. We all know that their oatmeal is full of sugar and even their kale “salads” are loaded with fat. So it was a shame when the Double Arches replaced the fried apple pie with a bland, baked version. Whether it’s slightly healthier or not, it can never replace the fried goodness of its predecessor.

Taco Bell – Waffle Taco

Do you wake up in the morning thinking about tacos? Then you were probably ecstatic when Taco Bell came out with its breakfast waffle taco. It was basically a breakfast taco in a folded waffle, drizzled with “maple syrup.” Unfortunately, within a year, the waffle taco was replaced by the much more boring biscuit taco. Despite petitions to bring waffle tacos back, Taco Bell has no plans to revive it. 

Burger King – Cini-Minis

If you came of age in the late 90s, Cini-Minis might be deeply ingrained in your memory. These tiny little cinnamon rolls were Burger King’s way of competing with Cinnabon. Unfortunately, the King decided to do away with this treat and stick to chicken, to the chagrin of many snackers. 

KFC – Double Down

Some fast food items are less about practicality, and more about making a splash. Such was the case with KFC’s infamous “Double Down,” a novelty “sandwich” that replaced bread with two strips of deep-fried chicken. In between the chicken was a slice of cheese and a slathering of special sauce. While some mocked it, many others were so disappointed when it was discontinued that KFC brought it back as a limited-time promo in 2014. 

McDonald’s – Salad Shaker

The Salad Shaker was yet another attempt by McDonald’s to add healthy options to its drive-thru business. You’d get a little plastic cup filled with lettuce and dressing, and as you drove along, you could shake the cup and mix everything together. When you arrived at a red light, you’d simply pop the top off and eat a mouthful of salad. No mess, no fuss. Also, no fans. The Shaker was quickly canceled.


Discontinued, but Not Forgotten Fast Foods

When a fast-food chain discontinues a product, it might feel like a part of our childhood has been erased. In fact, it’s not uncommon for …

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