Derek Jeter Weighs In On MLB Restart Negotiations

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Former New York Yankees legend, current Miami Marlins part owner, and MLB Hall-Of-Famer, Derek Jeter, is sharing his perspective on the troubled restart negotiations between Major League Baseball and the players union. If you have been following the drama between MLB owners and the MLB Players Association over the last two months, you probably became sick of it. Jeter’s take on it all is no different. 

In Jeter’s opinion, there is no trust between the owners and players. And the public airing of grievances has eliminated any hope for an honest negotiation. Jeter termed it as “disappointing” and “embarrassing” developments for baseball.

“It was pretty sad to see the back and forth being played out publicly in a time like now. You have so many people filing for unemployment throughout the country. Over 30 million people, 40 million people with no jobs,” Jeter said. “They really don’t want to hear owners and players going back and forth about how much money they deserve and how much money they need.”

Jeter hit the nail on the head in an interview with “The Line Drive” a Miami Marlins Radio Show. The two sides have demonstrated a tremendous amount of greed and lack of compassion or understanding in their public feud. Still, we have baseball this year, albeit a shortened season. But, things are looking rather grim with the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire at the end of next season. For the first time since 1994, baseball is seriously looking at a lockout, not too far down the road.

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