Cyber Attack Hits US Department of Health and Human Services

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Last Sunday, the US Department of Health and Human Services was hit with a distributed denial-of-service cyber attack. This type of attack uses automated messages to overwhelm a public-facing system. Experts are concerned that the attacks are designed to weaken America’s response to covid-19.

According to President Trump, a foreign disinformation cyber campaign is being waged to harm the US response to the covid-19 outbreak. Trump administration officials believe that the attack and the disinformation campaign are both part of a united foreign effort to destabilize America. The Administration has not yet named the suspected foreign entity.

Text messages have been spreading rumors of a national lockdown. In response, the National Security Council issued a Twitter post notifying the public that the rumor is false.

A foreign attack on America’s covid-19 response is not just an attack on the nation’s health crisis, but it is also an attack on the economy, one that’s on the verge of a recession due to the health emergency.

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