Check Out All Colorado has to Offer

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Colorado is a square state nestled in the Rocky Mountains. If you love the great outdoors or are looking to start a tech company, you may want to consider the Centennial State.

Get Closer to Nature

Do you dream of walking into your yard and seeing towering, snow-capped mountains? What about visiting sand dunes or enjoying a music festival in a rocky coliseum? You can do all this and more in Colorado. People live in close proximity to wildlife in this state, so don’t be surprised if a moose wanders into your yard from time to time. There are also hummingbirds that flit by, so make sure you have that hummingbird feeder filled with sugar water! And if you want to catch a glimpse of bighorn sheep scaling steep cliffs, take a drive through the canyons of the Rocky Mountains. And remember, where there are sheep, there are mountain lions!

For Sports Lovers

With all this nature and almost 365 days of sunshine, Coloradoans spend a lot of their time outdoors. In the summertime, people go biking, hiking, camping, and rafting. In the wintertime, there’s skiing and snowboarding in some of the best powder conditions in the world. Make sure to wear lots of sunscreen though, the air is thin and the UV exposure is high in this state.

Sports Medicine

With all these athletes running around, it’s no wonder that Colorado is known for its sports medicine. Whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon or a physical therapist, the Centennial state rates high for interesting cases and thriving private practices. There’s no end to the number of sports injuries you could be treating. 

Craft Beers

A state with pristine alpine lakes means a state with pristine drinking water. This translates to delicious beers and thousands of local, craft breweries. Colorado has the second-highest number of craft breweries and a lot of that is probably attributable to the great tasting water. There are festivals and events all year round were you can try new brews and meet local beer lovers. 

Tech Startups

Low taxes? Check. Lots of techies? Check. Thriving tech scene? Check. A great place to chase your tech dreams? Check. If you’re a tech guy or looking to start a tech company, head to Denver. There, you’ll find a young crowd of enthusiastic, beer-loving computer people. Whether it’s spending a day coding in a co-working space or taking off to go snowboarding in the mountains on a Thursday evening, Colorado provides the perfect work-life balance. Oh, and did we mention low taxes? That’s another reason why people flock from New York City and San Francisco to this state!

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