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What lengths would you go to, to stop a neighbor from complaining about your lifestyle? If you’re Ed Sheeran and worth over 150 million dollars, perhaps you’d buy your neighbors homes from them? The actual Ed Sheeran, did exactly that.

The London native reportedly bought the two houses next to his $20 plus million dollar mansion to stop the neighbors from complaining about noise coming from his home. It had been an ongoing issue for Sheeran who would often have parties and loud music playing from his estate, so rather than stop or bow down to his neighbors complaints, he bought them out … brilliant!

From a security perspective, this is a great move from Sheeran who will not limit any risk of an altercation at his home. Additionally, with two new prime time properties on his hands, he can now hand select his new neighbors, or choose to use the homes for family members or close friends. It is reported the purchase of the homes cost the superstar singer about $6 million dollars.

Sheeran has amassed quit the real estate portfolio over recent years, and now adds two new chips to his collection, while eliminating a headache of problems in the process. If you can’t beat ‘em … be like Ed Sheeran, and buy ‘em out!

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