Calisthenics vs. Lifting: Which is better?

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of calisthenics and lifting, but what exactly is the difference? And if you’re looking to build muscle, which one is the better option? Let’s take a look at both types of exercise to see which one will help you reach your goals.


It seems like a big, complicated word, but if you’ve ever taken any sort of gym class, you’ve already done calisthenics. Push-ups and pull-ups are two of the most obvious examples.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise in which you lift your own bodyweight rather than a dumbbell. Instead of placing focus on a single muscle group, calisthenics works for all large muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout. You’ll also work out the smaller stabilizing muscles, improving balance, and even flexibility.

Finally, depending on how you do these exercises, calisthenics allows you to burn more fat by elevating your heart rate.

Lifting Weights

If you’re looking to really shape-up a specific part of your body, lifting weights might be the answer. Weightlifting is an effective way to build definition in a particular muscle group.

However, if you’re looking to get fit, don’t just stick to weights. Be sure that you are practicing a variety of exercises that activate your entire body, not just the vanity muscles you want to flaunt at the beach.

Which is better?

If you have access to weights and a gym, then it’s perfectly fine to lift weights and then finish up your workout with some cardio exercises like running or swimming. But if you’re at home or don’t want to work out indoors, calisthenics will allow you the freedom to work-out where you want, build muscle, and get that heart rate up all at the same time.


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